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Health Paradise Organic Black Soy Bean 500g
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Brand Health Paradise
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  • High in Fibre
  • Source of Vegetarian or Vegan Protein
  • Gluten Free (GF)
  • Non GMO

Black soybeans are a popular alternative to yellow soybeans that have more protein and less carbs. They don't taste "soybean-y" as the yellow ones do, but more like regular black beans. Organic black soybeans are loaded with protein and other important nutrients. Soybeans are rich in minerals, B vitamins and unsaturated fats.


These organic black soybeans makes great soy milk, to make tofu, for salads, salsas, casseroles, and dips. Cooked black soybeans can also be used as meat replacements in burgers and other vegetarian meals.


How To Cook Black Soy Beans: Rinse and then soak overnight using one part of soybeans to four parts of boiling water. Drain and cover with fresh water or stock. Simmer about three hours, adding water as needed. Add a tablespoon of cooking oil to control foaming when the soybeans are cooking.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Soy Beans

Contains: Soy


Product of China


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1 x Health Paradise Organic Black Soy Bean 500g