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Organic Blue Agave 445gm 

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✓ Low Glycemic Index (GI)    
✓ Gluten-Free  
✓ Vegan
✓ 25% Sweeter than Refined Sugar
✓ Flavor Enhancer     
✓ Natural Fibers & Minerals
✓ Agave Nectar from the Blue Weber

Our Organic agave syrup is a natural energetic sweetener extracted from the blue agave plant. It has a very high edulcorant power (30% sweeter than sugar) and a very low glycemic rate (17)so it is slowly absorbed into the body preventing spikes in blood sugar. In moderate portions its ideal for diabetics and people who are concerned about their weight. It is a healthier choice to replace sugar, honey and artificial sweeteners


Use it to sweeten coffee, tea, juice, hot-cakes, waffles, salad dressings or anything you like.


Ingredients: Organic Blue Agave Syrup


Product of Mexico