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Organic Coconut Flower Sugar 500gm 

Health Paradise Organic Coconut Flower Sugar 500gm
✓ Unrefined
✓ No preservative
✓ Low glycemic index (GI)
✓ Relatively high on nutrients
✓ Better electrolytes
✓ Good for the gut

Coconut flower sugar is a type of sweetener made from coconut palm sap. The sap (or nectar, as it’s sometimes called) is collected from the flower bud stem of the coconut palm tree.Coconut palm trees have been used for sugar production for centuries using highly sophisticated techniques of “tapping.” This process has been practiced in Southeast Asia, including locations such as Indonesia, for hundreds of years.Today, the process of making coconut flower sugar involves collecting the sap and then boiling and dehydrating it, causing the water to evaporate. This leaves behind small, brown, sweet granules.


It is ideal for sweetening beverages, baking cakes or biscuits, sprinkling over yogurt or oats and as a sweetener for cooking.

Conversion: 1 tablespoon coconut flower sugar = 1 tablespoon cane sugar


Ingredients: Organic Coconut Flower Sugar


Product of Indonesia