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Rabenhorst Organic Carrot Juice 750ml
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Brand Rabenhorst
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  • Organic Carrot Juice With a Dash of Lemon Juice - 100% Pure Juice
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • No Preservatives or Additives
  • No Artificial Colours or Flavours
  • No Added Sugar


For our Carrot juice, we use selected, freshly harvested garden carrots from the best German organic cultivation. The carrots are processed into a high-quality juice, rounded off with organic lemon juice and gently bottled in our own production facility. The result is a full-bodied juice of the highest quality. Due to the gentle processing, the naturally high content of beta-carotene is retained as far as possible. Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A in the body and thus contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.

Try the fine organic "garden carrot" juice from Rabenhorst, which has been bottled according to high quality standards with over 100 years of knowledge about the craft of juice production.

Without added sugar. Vegetable juices naturally contain sugar from the vegetables they are made from.


Ingredients: organic carrot juice, organic lemon juice


Product of Germany


How to enjoy our organic Carrot Juice

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends including 5 portions of fruit and vegetables in the daily diet. A glass of juice can occasionally replace one portion per day.

Half a glass (100 ml) of our Carrot juice already covers 150 % of the reference amount of vitamin A (from beta-carotene).

Carrot juice is suitable both for pure consumption and in Combination with other juices. It is perfect for the preparation of soups, to refine savoury dishes or to prepare a juicy carrot cake.

You should shake the bottle before opening. Once opened, the juice should be kept sealed in the refrigerator and used within 5 days. We also recommend a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

What characterises our organic Carrot Juice?

We use 100 % pure juice as an ingredient for our delicious and easily digestible Carrot juice. To make our Carrot juice even more resistant to bacteria, the juice contains a slight hint of lemon. This is because the lemon juice lowers the PH value of the carrot juice.



The oil in combination with the carrot juice ensures that the liver can better absorb the beta-carotene it contains. We recommend one tablespoon of a high-quality olive oil.



Compared to other vegetables such as asparagus, cucumbers or tomatoes, carrots are available all year round and most of them are grown in Germany.

This is made possible by different varieties. The season starts with carrots in May, followed by washed carrots in summer and stored carrots in winter - the latter have a particularly long shelf life.


What's in the box

1 x Rabenhorst Organic Carrot Juice 750ml