Organic Umami Shoyu With Chilli 150gm

Organic Umami Shoyu With Chilli 150gm
✓ No Addictive
✓ Naturally Fermented
✓ Artisanal Soy Sauce with Koji Cultured-Rice

From Japan, Organic Umami Shoyu is a naturally fermented artisanal sauce made from soy sauce that has been infused with koji cultured rice.

Savory, aka “Shio Koji”, is made with Koji (fermented rice malt) and brine then aged.

Ingredients: Organic shoyu (whole soy beans*, wheat*, sea salt), rice*, water, chili pepper*, koji spores (aspergillus oryzae)
*=organic ingredients

Product of Japan

Use as an alternative to salt/soy sauce for any type of cooking.

It makes an excellent natural tenderizer for fish and meat.

Overall it reduces the need for salt while enhancing Umami flavour!