Organic Mung Beans 500gm

Organic Mung Beans 500gm

Organic Mung Beans 500gm
✓ High in Protein
✓ High in Fibre
✓ Great Folate Source
✓ Gluten Free (GF)

Mung Bean is a type of small, green legumes in the same plant family as peas and lentils. Usually eaten in Asian countries, green mung bean is a very nutritious food. People like to eat it cooked. You can eat it as lentil or soup. It is possible to make dessert with the beans, some people like sprouts it. The mung sprouts contain many nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants so they are very healthy for us.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Mung Beans

Preparing Method: Our organic mung beans cook faster because they are tender. Add soaked mung bean to brown rice, barley soup, casseroles and cook or boil on its own as a sweet soup (dessert).

Product of China