Organic Red Lentils (Split) 250gm

Organic Red Lentils (Split) 250gm

Organic Red Lentils (Split) 250gm
✓ Gluten Free (GF)
✓ Rich in Fibre
✓ Rich in Iron
✓ Good Source of Potassium

Red lentils split are halved whole lentils with their outer skins removed and are by far the quickest to cook of the lentil family. If you are a beginner to using lentils, these are a great place to start and has a nutty and potato-like taste. Red Lentils also contain folate, vitamin B1, minerals and dietary fibre.

Ingredients: Organic Red Lentils (Split)

Red lentils do not hold their shape and become mushy when cooked. Best for pureed dishes such as soups, stews, curries, spreads, dhals or as a central ingredient in vegan lasagne.
To cook: Cover 1 cup of Red Lentils with 3 cups of water or broth. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 10-15 minutes or until tender.

Product of Turkey