Natto Miso (Barley Miso) 375gm

Natto Miso (Barley Miso) 375gm

Natto Miso (Barley Miso) 375gm
✓ Non-GMO
✓ Vegan
✓ No Additives
✓ Naturally aged

Natto Miso is a ready-to-use condiment, not for making miso soup. Its flavour comes from kombu and ginger. Miso is produced by combining cooked soya beans with grains that have been inoculated with mould spores. The mixture is fermented over several months, allowing enzymes and naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria to break down the complex nutrients into a readily digestible form. Miso is thus a high-energy wholefood with noted benefits for the digestive system.

Ingredients: Syrup (Tapioca, Potato, Sweet Potato and / or Corn), Barley, Water, Sea Salt, Soybeans, Ginger, Potassium chloride, Kombu (Laminaria japonica), Lactic acid, Koji spores**
**=Aspergillus oryzae [Processing aid]

Usage: It makes a great seasoning for dips, stir-fries, rice and noodles, and can be used as a flavoursome filling for sushi and sandwiches.

Product of Japan