Premium Basmathi Rice (Pusa 1121 Cream) 900gm

Premium Basmathi Rice (Pusa 1121 Cream) 900gm
✓ Rich in Fibre
✓ Boosts Energy
✓ Slow Digesting Carbohydrates" Low GI
✓ Long Grain Rice
✓ No Cholesterol
✓ Low Starch & Fat

Basmati is a variety of long grain rice, famous for its fragrance and delicate flavour. Its name means "Queen of Fragrance" in Hindi. It is typically grows in small, hand-tended in the Himalayan foothills. This extra-long grain rice has a fluffy, light texture and a delicate, unique flavour.

Suggestion use: Briyani rice, rice pilaf or as a companion with curry.
Cooking Method: Use 2 cups water to 1 cup rice. It takes about 15 minutes or until all water is absorbed.

Broken Content: Max 5%
Ingredients: 100% Basmathi Rice

Product of India