Awase Miso (Barley & Rice Miso) 375gm

Awase Miso (Barley & Rice Miso) 375gm
✓ Unpasteurized
✓ Non-GMO
✓ Vegan
✓ No Additives
✓ Naturally Aged

"Awase" means mixed or blended. Awase miso is a blend of barley miso and rice miso which are aged together for a long time. Japanese families enjoy blending different types of miso creating unique, mild flavours.

Usage: as a seasoning in cooking, or add to sauces, dressings, spread, noodles, casseroles, soup.

For Miso Soup: Bring two cups of water with 2 tsps of dashi to boil. Add your choice of vegetables and/or cut wakame and simmer for a few mins. Then dilute 2 tsps of Miso. Don't keep boiling, it would lose fresh miso aroma. Enjoy it while it is hot.

Ingredients: Soybean, Barley, Brown Rice, Sea Salt, Water, Koji spores**
**=Aspergillus oryzae [Processing aid]

Product of Japan