Organic Black Grains Rice Cakes 80gm

Organic Black Grains Rice Cakes 80gm
✓ 19 Kcal per Piece
✓ Gluten Free
✓ Cholesterol Free
✓ Low Fat / No Oil
✓ No Sugar Added
✓ No Saturated Fat
✓ No MSG / Preservative
✓ No Sodium
✓ 100% Vegan
✓ Good Source of Fibre

ALLRITE. It’s all started from the caring of health in our family, our backyard is turned into an organic kitchen that serves only the clean & healthy food. We select the best organic ingredients from the certified farmland and delicately bake the rice cake by using pure 100% wholegrains. This makes every piece of our homemade rice cake special, and now we are ready to share this with you. Let’s try our passion and enjoy your own creative dish.

Hungry Guide: With Coffee or Tea, Pour on Soup or Salad, Dip with Milk/Yogurt, Topping with Mixed Fruit, Topping with Caviar Salmon Roe.

Ingredients: Organic Rice Berry, Organic Hom Nil Rice, Organic Flax Seed, Organic Black Sesame.

Made in Thailand